Campus Freethought Alliance
University of New Orleans

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About CFA

Campus Freethought Alliance is a student-run organization dedicated to:

  • establishing a positive social environment for UNO students who are rationalist, atheists, agnostics, humanists, or skeptics.

  • enriching UNO campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science, and reason.

  • engaging UNO students in issues of national and international import surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education.

  • Welcome to our new website!

    Use the website to stay up-to-date with what's going on in CFA. Overviews of every meeting will be posted in the "meetings" section.

    We'll also be updating the website with articles (and media) relevant to CFA. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on the message board.

    "Darwin's idea...bear[s] an unmistakable likeness to universal acid: it eats through just about every traditional concept, and leaves in its wake a revolutionized world view, with most of the old landmarks still recognizable, but transformed in fundamental ways." - Daniel Dennett